Jurnal Arbitrer is a scholarly journal with the primary goal of promoting multilingualism through the dissemination of research on various aspects of language policy, linguistic rights, and the development of plurilingual competence. The journal is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of linguistics with a focus on embracing linguistic diversity and fostering a pluralistic approach to languages. Jurnal Arbitrer aims to contribute to the empowerment of minority and less widely taught languages, facilitate intercultural dialogue, and support language-sensitive teaching practices across disciplines.

Key Areas of Focus:

  1. Language Policy: Jurnal Arbitrer encourages research that investigates language policies at regional, national, and international levels. Articles in this category may explore the impact of language policies on linguistic diversity, language endangerment, and language revitalization efforts.

  2. Minority and Less Widely Taught Languages: This section of the journal seeks to promote research on minority languages and languages with limited representation in educational settings. Topics may include language maintenance, language shift, language revitalization, and the socio-cultural significance of these languages.

  3. Linguistic Rights: Jurnal Arbitrer is interested in studies that examine linguistic rights and their implications for language communities. Authors are encouraged to explore language rights in legal, educational, and societal contexts.

  4. Language Ecology: The journal welcomes research on language ecology, including studies that investigate the relationships between languages, language contact phenomena, and language endangerment.

  5. Pluralistic Approach to Languages: Jurnal Arbitrer places a strong emphasis on research that adopts a pluralistic approach to the study of languages. Articles in this area may discuss the interconnections between language and various aspects of human life, including culture, cognition, and society.

  6. Acquisition and Development of Plurilingual Competence: This section invites research on the acquisition and development of plurilingual competence in individuals, communities, and educational settings.

  7. Interdisciplinary Language-Sensitive Teaching: Jurnal Arbitrer encourages articles that explore language-sensitive teaching practices in interdisciplinary contexts. Research on language integration in different subjects and disciplines is particularly welcome.

  8. Mediation and Intercultural Dialogue Development: The journal seeks contributions that investigate mediation as a means to bridge linguistic and cultural differences, fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

  9. Plurilingual Didactics: Jurnal Arbitrer is interested in research on innovative and effective plurilingual didactics and pedagogical approaches in language education.