The current issue contains current research on several fields of linguistics, including syntax, ecolinguistics, pragmatic, applied linguistics, and stylistics. The articles in this issue were authored/co-authored by authors from 9 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, Vietnam, Brunei Darusallam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Morocco).

Published: 2023-10-10


Negative Imperfective Verb Form in Kanuri

Muhammad Hussaini Bulama (National Institute for Nigerian Languages Aba, Nigeria)
Kalli Hussaini (Mohammed Goni College of Legal and Islamic Studies, Nigeria)

Page 196-200

A Linguistic Analysis of The Use of Humour in Adébáyò̩ Fálétí’s Writings

Dayo Akanmu (Lagos State University of Education, Nigeria)
Francis Yede (Lagos State University of Education, Nigeria)

Page 201-209

An Analysis of Cohesive Devices on Phoenix Posts on The Death of Queen Elisabeth II

Peniel Zaazra Nouhou (University of Maroua, Cameroon)
Ngonjo Victor Fuh (University of Maroua, Cameroon)

Page 210-220

Exploring Cultural Dynamics: Comparative Analysis of Argumentative English Essays Among Pakistani and Chinese Learners using Multidimensional Analysis

Arooba Abid (Government College University, Pakistan)
Ali Siddique (Government College University, Pakistan)
Nisa Fatima (Government College University, Pakistan)

Page 221-230

The Relationship Between Argumentative Speaking and Writing among EFL Students

Fouad Akki (Moulay Ismail University, Morocco)
Mohammed Larouz (Moulay Ismail University, Morocco)
Brahim Ait Hammou (Moulay Ismail University, Morocco)
Handoko Handoko (Universitas Andalas, Indonesia)

Page 231-238

Emoticons Unveiled: A Multifaceted Analysis of Their Linguistic Impact

Ike Revita (Universitas Andalas, Indonesia)
Farah Anindya Zalfikhe (University Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia)
Helen Boholano (Cebu Normal University, Philippines)
Nguyen Thanh Tuan (Vietnam National University, Viet Nam)
Balazs Huszka (Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam)
Zulfakhri Dt. Majo Datuk (Universitas Andalas, Indonesia)

Page 260-274

The Impact of CBLT Approaches on Students' Learning Achievements for ESP Courses

Muliati Muliati (Universitas Bosowa, Indonesia)
Syarifuddin Dollah (Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia)
Tamra Tamra (Universitas Teknologi AKBA Makassar, Indonesia)
Ahmad Rossydi (Politeknik Penerbangan Makassar, Indonesia)
St.Asriati AM (Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar, Indonesia)

Page 275-282

Analyzing Expressive Speech Acts in Comments on ‘Teacher Welfare Issues in the National Education System Bill’

Dini Artini Dini (Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia)
Rika Ningsih Rika (Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia)

Page 283-291

Directive Speech Actions in the TikTok Comments Column Kompas TV

Desi Andrea (Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia)
Fatmawati (Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia)

Page 292-299